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Shannon Strucci

New Media
Atlanta, Georgia
Shannon Strucci is a filmmaker and podcast host known for her webseries FAKE FRIENDS, a series on parasocial relationships, her role as a player and host on the teen superhero body horror actual play podcast Critical Bits, and her role as film correspondent on the podcast Struggle Session. She also publishes other video essays and reviews, directs and edits short comedy/horror films, has written narrative scripts and short stories (including the creepypasta “A Hands-On Approach”), and has collaborated with other video essayists, including with Hbomberguy on their Scanline series. She has guested on many film, actual play, and pop culture podcasts and livestreams and her video essays have been featured in IndieWire/Press Play, Kotaku, Sight & Sound, Digg, Filmschoolrejects, Fandor, Polygon, Wired, and others.