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Firestorm Enamels
Leaning over a VERY HOT kiln
In my very messy house.
Fantasy, SciFi, Horror, superhero movies and television, tons and tons of books mostly in the SciFi and Fantasy genre, those are my main fan categories. Tried cosplay once, would rather spend the time on a nice piece for the S.C.A. Spend many of my weekends as Mistress Megara di Alessandra, look for me at the rapier demo. I love Dr. Who, especially the current regeneration. (Although Tom Baker shall always and forever be etched on my heart.) Adore Monty Python and The Goodies as well (am I the only one who remembers them?) as well as the early work of the late, great Marty Feldman. Torchwood is also a favorite. Yes, I am something of an Anglophile. Watch too much television, but have no intention of giving it up.